Santiago Orrego, Ph.D.

Santiago is an Assistant Professor in the Kornberg School of Dentistry and the Bioengineering Departments at Temple University. His contributions in science, academia and industry focus on the intersection between smart materials, biomaterials, and medicine.  His active research program includes translating the use of smart materials into medicine for improvement of health.


Carolina Montoya, Ph.D.

Carolina holds a Ph.D. in engineering and for almost six years she has worked on different research topics related with biological materials (enamel, dentin, bone), their characterization (mechanical and physical), hierarchical structure and bioinspiration.  Her main research objective is the development of new smart dental materials.


Juan José Londoño

Juan has worked on different research topics like FEA of orthodontic treatments, CFD simulations of cerebral aneurysms, virtual surgical planning, cranial and maxillofacial implant design and bioactive composites development. 


Research Topic: His current research focuses on the design of biomaterials for dental and bone applications with special interest in biofilm repulsion.

Michael Koerner

Michael is a student of the Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University. He has worked on a variety of research topics spanning human computer interaction, rehabilitation robotics, and smart textile devices. He hopes to bridge the gap between the benchtop and clinic as a practitioner-scientist.

Research Topic: His research focuses on the design and implementation of a novel intra-oral drug delivery system for the modulated release of therapeutic agents over ultra-long time scales.

Anubhav Jain, D.D.S

Anubhav achieved his dental degree from Institute of Dental Education and Advance Studies, India. Currently is pursuing a masters in public health th at Temple University. Anubhav has run different research topics like nanomaterial applications in drug delivery system for cancer patients,  oral manifestations of genodermatoses, pyogenic granuloma case report.

Research Topic: His current research focuses on nanomaterial alterations to bonding agents with a unique interest in efficiency and microleakage prevention.

Michelle Yu

Michelle Yu is currently a post-baccalaureate student at Temple Kornberg School of Dentistry. She has worked on bone research with the Marfan Syndrome as well as dabbled in neuroscience research involving fluorescent imaging and building circuit devices to monitor the behavior of mice. She is interested in pursuing dentistry in the near future with a focus on learning more about the applications of biomaterials in dentistry.

Casey Rubin

Casey is an undergraduate student at Temple University with an interest in biology and chemistry. She has experience working as researcher in bio-engineering and has specialized in the synthesis and characterization of cell-penetrating structures and bioactive molecules for stem cells. Her main objective for research is to use smart biomaterials as a way to transform health care. 

  • Steven Britton, DDS. Orthodontic Resident

  • Patrick Rupert (Class 2020)

  • Tyler Yim (Class 2020)

  • Rima Modi (Class 2020)

  • Jessica Wang (Class 2020) 


Owen Skriloff

Owen Skriloff is a student at Byram Hills High School participating in the Dr. Robert Pavlica Authentic Science Research Program. He is being mentored by Dr. Santiago Orrego, and is very interested in the applications of smart materials.

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