My career broadly speaking lies at the intersection between mechanics, electronics and biology, designing and engineering new advanced multifunctional materials for biomedical and energy applications. My research program will combine studies of fundamental mechanics with applied research using a hybrid of experimental characterization and modeling tools. 


Multifunctional Materials for Biomedical Applications  

I have a strong interest developing biomaterials that integrate, cooperate, adapt and communicate with biological systems. Just image a hip implant that self-diagnoses and communicates to an external station, which reports the doctor. There is a need to integrate functionalities (e.g. electronics, wireless, energy generation, etc.) into biomaterials to either manipulate cellular processes or improve human-material interaction. 

Flexible Electronics for Bio-Acoustic Diagnosis:

Flexible electronics have gained considerable research interest in recent years because of their potential applications in bio-sensors, artificial skins, and many more.

We have been collaborating with Prof. West at Hopkins fabricating a self-powered transducer capable of recording sounds emitted by the lungs. We successfully identified healthy and unhealthy lung conditions by analyzing the sound spectrum (see Figure below).

We are currently optimizing the transducer signals by adjusting relevant properties such as acoustic impedance.


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