The prime enemy of resin dental restorations is biofilm. Acids produced by these microorganisms debilitate and weaken the bonding glue between the material and tooth. Future dental resins need to fight and kill biofilms to prevent degradation by acids.

We are currently developing a novel resin composite with two relevant functionalities: 

1. Repel oral biofilm

2. Regenerate oral tissue

Our new resin bifunctional composite:

1. Improves the bonding strength between biomaterial-body by creating mineralized graded connections (mimicking the dentin-enamel junction).

2. Mitigates mineral deficit regions in bone and teeth by replenishing hydroxyapatite. New minerals also helps to neutralize acids.

3. Prevents adhesion of oral biofilms. As result, no infection or acid degradation affects the interface between the material and body.

Our novel material could be translated to any part of the body. Our mechanism relies on electrical charges to interact with microorganisms. We expect this disruptive technology to enhance patients' health and push the field to more interactive biomaterials.

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