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We have expertise in fabrication of advanced materials, testing and evaluation, 3D printing, sensing and electronics, scaffolding, microbiology, confocal microscopy.

We have equipment for mechanical testing of different types of materials (ceramics, resins, polymers, biological tissues, implants) under different types of loading (cyclic, quasistatic).

We have unique expertise on testing dental materials under simulated oral conditions and mastication including bacteria exposure and cyclic loading representing mastication.

We built small devices that fit inside incubators. The devices apply forces while growing microorganisms (bacteria, fungi).










We have full access to the College of Engineering research infrastructure and resources ranging from fluorescent microscopes, materials testing equipment, AFM, XPS, FTIR to machining equipment. 


We have access to the NanoInstrumentation Center equipped with ESEM-EDS and Microcomputed Tomography (microCT) Core Facility at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine. In addition, we have access to all of the research cores available at the Fox Chase Cancer Center.

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