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"We utilize external (environmental) and internal (inside the body) stimuli to activate the biomaterials for the delivery of therapies"

Welcome to the Smart Biomaterials Laboratory

Our research spans diverse fields including bioengineering, materials science, dentistry, micro- & molecular-biology and manufacturing. Specifically, the lab is developing advanced biomaterials with tailored interactions with biological processes for the improvement of oral and systemic health. Our research approach is focused on innovation and translational research.

Research Programs:

Our lab develops technologies to improve oral and systemic health through the use of smart (stimuli-responsive) biomaterials. Our work encompasses four areas:


1) Biofuctional Biomaterials for Antibacterial, Antifungal and Tissue Regeneration


2) Targeted Modulation of the Oral Microbiome to Restore Balance

oral sensor.png

3) Oral Biosensors for Health and Patient Diagnostics 


4) Platforms for Oral Drug Delivery for Local and Systemic Applications

Latest News & Updates:                             

Research Support:

We acknowledge funding from Temple University (Provost Office and Kornberg School of Dentistry) for supporting our research efforts.

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